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How Truckers Can Enjoy Holidays: 9 Tips for Truckers On The Road
June 21, 2023

How Truckers Can Enjoy Holidays: 9 Tips for Truckers On The Road

Truckers are the only people that travel more miles during the holidays than Santa.

While everyone else is celebrating the holidays, as a trucker, you are more likely to work even longer hours to transport the goods that make the holidays possible. Nobody wants to spend the holidays at work, much less on the road, away from family and friends. And yet, most of the truckers face this destiny. Truckers are among the last individuals on the road during the holiday season, which may make life difficult and lonely. The holiday season is so meaningful because of the traditions we have with our loved ones. It could be putting up the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music, or sharing a meal after exchanging and unwrapping gifts. 

And, as we all know, when you're a truck driver, it's not uncommon for these perfectly planned traditions to be abandoned. It's difficult, no doubt, but there are several things you can do to make the holidays more bearable for you and your family: 

1. Don’t be bothered by the calendar

Yes, Christmas is always on December 25th and New Year's Eve on December 31st. However, if your work schedule prevents you from being home for the holidays, reschedule them. Holidays are about spending time with family and friends, and it's fine if that means Christmas arrives on December 26. You don't have to skip the holidays if you aren't at home on a specified date. Set up your own personal holiday parties during times when you know you'll be home. Our culture has developed a more flexible attitude toward the holidays throughout time. It is not necessary for your Christmas or New Year's celebrations to be identical to those of others. Make decisions based on what works best for you and your family and have fun with it.

2. Check if you can make different arrangements

Try not to be overbooked. It can be tempting to schedule tours that are paid extra during the holidays. If you want to spend time with your family around the holidays, please inform your dispatcher on time so they can pre-plan your trips for that period accordingly. During this holiday season, try to take a step back and relax with family and friends if possible.

3. Find some friends

On the road, you're not the only one driving. Get out of your cab and join a fellow driver for dinner or a conversation. Make an effort to get to know them. Show images of your children and spouses to each other, and swap stories. Spend some time making everyone feel a bit less lonely. Park at one of the truck stops that go out of their way to make truck drivers feel welcome. Loneliness is frequently associated with feelings of isolation. You all understand the experience of life on the road, even if you don't know each other well. Share photographs, tell jokes and have fun with your new friends. You might form a lasting friendship.

4. Use technology

You don't have to limit yourself to making a phone call. Everything but the smell of Turkey is possible because of social media and technology. Many drivers use Zoom, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms to be part of the holiday celebrations they are unable to attend in person. Live-streaming video can place you right there at the table.

Technology is continuing to revolutionize how we communicate, and it has had a significant positive impact on the lives of many truck drivers. Set up specific video conversations with friends and family back home, and use social media to remain in touch with everyone. It's a pleasurable and effective method to participate.

You can even play board games with each other. If you prefer card games like poker, for example, look for a game app that allows you to interact with your pals via social media. You can get together online and play games with a couple of your friends. Look for games with a conversation option or play on speaker mode with your phone.

And what about story-telling? You can use video chat to read a bedtime story to your children or to share a favorite chapter book with them. Take turns reading and discussing chapters with your spouse or older children. It provides you with something to talk about other than your everyday routines and helps you improve your communication skills.

5. Send gifts to your family and friends

Traditional Christmas shopping is difficult for truckers due to a lack of time. Many companies, fortunately, offer online discounts and free shipping over the holidays. Hundreds of businesses, including Target, Amazon, Etsy, and Old Navy, provide online shopping. Thousands of individual shops are connected with potential buyers through the marketplace. Check out the positive and negative comments for each shop before you buy something. If you, by any chance, can buy the present from a physical store, go ahead and do just that! Buy wrapping paper and tape, as well as a couple of cardboard boxes. Then, when you see something in a store and think to yourself that your loved one would like that, buy it and send it to them from the road, fully gift-wrapped. They’ll be super happy, and so will you! On a side thought, you can also send your own sovereign like your own personal trucker hats or trucker jackets.

6. Take the holidays with you on the road

Play Christmas songs. Decorate your truck. In the cab, spray some gingerbread air freshener and bring some homemade holiday sweets. In your lunch, including a candy cane. Make whatever arrangements are necessary to have a little holiday pleasure during your travels. Also, don't be afraid to treat yourself to something nice, such as a great lunch or a hotel stay as your own holiday gift. There are numerous methods to make your holiday shopping experience more joyful and satisfying!

7. Shift focus

Humans are hardwired to experience more of what we concentrate on, whether it's a good thing or a bad thing. Rather than focusing on what you're missing, remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing. Trucking is about more than just making a living. The American economy relies heavily on truckers. This country would implode if truck drivers were not employed. Your products and services supply crucial medical supplies, support jobs, and keep America's industries running smoothly. Be proud of yourself and what you do! We sure are!

8. Focus on yourself

Talking about focus…It's great to have large crowds and endless family gatherings. But so is seclusion and alone time, where you can reflect on the previous year and determine what you want for yourself in the next one. Perhaps spending the holidays alone isn't such a horrible thing. It can be a time for self-reflection and thought, where you can appreciate how far you've come, what you've accomplished, and all the positive things in your life.

9. Do something for others

While on the road, remember to keep the holiday spirit of giving alive by doing something special for people in need. Along the way, you could, for example, donate to local food banks or thrift stores. You could also volunteer at soup kitchens or shelters near your truck stops during your off-hours. Helping people in need may be exactly what a lonely soul requires enhancing positivity.

Wrapping up

Even though the truck will never be as comfortable as being at home during the holidays, that doesn't mean it can't be made more so. These are just a few ideas for making the most of the holidays while on the road. We're all about helping truck drivers get the most out of their jobs while also finding the appropriate balance in their lives. Being on the road during the holidays has its own set of difficulties. Truckers, on the other hand, are a tough bunch who can handle any situation. Make time for yourself, find new methods to interact with family, practice gratitude, and make new acquaintances. Choosing constructive strategies to deal with your situation will help you enjoy the holidays and take you through the new year. 

Have a wonderful holiday season! 

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Author: Road Legends

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