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About Us

Company Profile

Road Legends, formerly MMJ Transportation, Inc., is a leading name in the trucking business. As a family-owned business, we prioritize our stakeholders and treat them like family.

Our mission is simple: to deliver safe, timely, and cost-effective transportation solutions while maintaining our reputation as one of the biggest trucking companies in the US.

We aim to provide exceptional services not only to our customers but also to our truck drivers and owner-operators, who are a valuable part of our trucking business.

At Road Legends, we strive to be the best in what we do through innovation and quality service in the trucking industry.

What Makes Us Special

Quality and Professionalism

Since our inception in 2007, we've maintained a reputation of being one of the biggest trucking companies in the US. Our commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction drives us to deliver superior service with every shipment.

Personalized Services

Our personalized approach sets us apart from the rest. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients and truck drivers and tailor our operations accordingly. We provide reliable cargo handling and transportation services nationwide by leveraging our expertise and strong community connections.

Family-Owned Business

As a family-owned business, we value the relationships we've built with our customers and employees over the years. We prioritize creating a supportive and enjoyable work environment where everyone feels part of the family. Our commitment to social responsibility and family values guides everything we do.

Why Choose Us

With over 15 years of industry expertise, we bring a wealth of knowledge and reliability to every delivery, ensuring your goods reach their destination safely and on time.

Superior Service

Our commitment to providing superior services sets us apart. As one of the best trucking companies, we provide personalized solutions to exceed your expectations at every turn.

Reliable Drivers

Our team of experienced truck drivers are the backbone of our operation. With a focus on safety and professionalism

Variety of Fleet

At Road Legends, our fleet offers a diverse range of vehicles, including van, flatbed and, Conestoga trailers ensuring we can efficiently handle any transportation task with precision and safety.

Dedicated Support Team

Count on our dedicated support team to be there for you every step of the way. Our in-house fleet maintenance and dispatch services ensure your trucks are well-maintained and dispatch requirements are efficiently managed, providing dependable support.

Cargo Hauling Solutions

Road Legends specializes in transporting a wide range of cargo, including

  • Dry bulk
  • Building Materials
  • Logs
  • Poles
  • Beams
  • Lumber
  • Paper Products
  • Utility
  • Construction Materials
  • U.S. Mail
  • General Freight
  • Metal items such as Sheets, Coils, and Rolls

Let us know your requirements, and we'll assist you in selecting the ideal service at the most competitive rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Road Legends specializes in the transportation of various commodities, including dry bulk, building materials, logs, poles, beams, lumber, meat, paper products, utility, construction, U.S. Mail, beverages, general freight, and metal such as sheets, coils, and rolls, among others.

Yes, we are one of the best lease-purchase trucking companies for truck drivers interested in joining our Van or Flatbed & Conestoga Divisions.

Our drivers enjoy fuel discounts and avoid forced dispatch for fair and efficient operations. With 24/7 support, weekly pay, and comprehensive services, we ensure your success and satisfaction on the road. Join our trucking business for consistent freight, direct deposit, and a strong driver-focused culture.

Road Legends is one of the biggest trucking companies in the US due to its commitment to safety, extensive industry experience, and consistent dedication to customer satisfaction. Focusing on safety, reliability, and professionalism, we consistently deliver superior transportation services that exceed expectations.

We ensure the safety of your cargo through rigorous inspection protocols, secure loading techniques, and experienced drivers trained in safe handling practices.

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