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Our business is family-owned and we see our customers and employees as part of our family. Every day we work towards earning the customer's trust and confidence. We take pride in providing the best service to our customers with our experienced drivers and excellent on-time service. 

We believe that excellent customer service requires dedication and hard work. 

Road Legends aspires to be recognized by its employees, customers and vendors as an essential part of its success.

Our driver experience and safety culture are at the heart of all we do. We believe that offering the best training, equipment, and support to our drivers ensures their success, as well as that of our clients. Measurement of our customer service quality is our ability to deliver on time based on the customer's specifications and schedule. We are committed to efficient and safe product delivery.

Road Legends has years of excellent transportation experience and looks forward to many more years to come.

Our Mission

Road Legends, formerly known as MMJ Transportation, Inc is a transportation company that provides top-quality service while maintaining a high standard of safety, profitability, and integrity.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of transportation services, including safe and timely deliveries, at fair and competitive prices, while also providing a safe work environment for our employees and maintaining integrity, fairness, and honesty with our customers and business partners. 

Our company’s goals are service and safety. On that note, we are fully committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of service and safety in the trucking industry. To achieve it all, we are dedicated to getting the maximum efficiency and productivity in every operational area. 

We are committed to continuously improve and respond to customer needs and demands in all areas. 

At Road Legends, we thrive to achieve an overall quality that resonates with organizational excellence!

Cargo Carried

Road Legends transports commodities dry bulk, building materials, logs, poles, beams, lumber, meat, paper products, utility, construction, U.S. Mail, beverages, general freight, metal: sheets, coils, rolls, and more. 
Tell us your needs and we will help you choose the right service at the best price.

Our Core Values


Quality & Professionalism

Road Legends has a skilled and dedicated team of professional drivers on the road. Since opening its doors back in 2007, Road Legends has been associated with a high level of quality and professionalism, making our drivers the most valued assets and the reason for our growth and success. 

We listen and respond to the desires of our customers and we are committed to the quality improvement of our processes and systems.

Personalized Services

We are able to adjust our service and logistics based on our client's needs. That’s because of our concerted effort to deepen the connections we have within the Lemont, IL community and to continuously improve our expertise on cargo handling and personalized services from point to point anywhere in the US.

Our experience helps us understand challenges from your perspective, so we can easily implement solutions to meet them. We provide loyal, capable, and trustworthy services and alternatives in cargo management and logistics.

Family Owned Business

Our business is family-owned and we see our customers and employees as part of our family. 

Every day we work towards earning the customer's trust and confidence. We are committed to a compassionate, healthy and enjoyable working environment, where we honor our social responsibility and extended family relationships.


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Our offices are located at 13769 Main St #200 Lemont, IL 60439

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