Twenty Unique and Most Famous Truck Stops of America

Twenty Unique and Most Famous Truck Stops of America

Over-the-road drivers are on the road every day, and they deserve a nice break! In search of a nice break, whether you’re surfing for “truck stops with showers near me," “nearest truck stops,” or simply “truck stops of America," we've got you covered with a jam-packed list!

Drivers need to consider the practical aspects of being on the road. They need to know where they will eat, take a shower, and rest. Any road trip can be improved by a quality truck stop. Over the course of your career as a truck driver, you'll discover which truck stops are hidden gems and which you should avoid.

In recent years, the truck stops of America have evolved into full-fledged destinations, equipped with cinemas, temples, restaurants, and even nightclubs! There is no longer a need for drivers to be without home comforts while on the road because of these facilities. If you drive a truck, you already know that the greatest truck stops are the ones that provide both the necessities and extras. Maybe, personally, it’s just a thought about “truck stops with showers near me” that offers something extra for you.

Let's start by discussing what qualities a good truck stop should have and where to look for one. We compiled a list of the top 20 truck stops of America.

What makes a great truckstop?

The American economy depends heavily on truck drivers, who transport commodities across the country to keep our businesses afloat. However, driving a truck is difficult, and spending a lot of time on the road can be taxing. Because of this, it's crucial for truckstops to provide facilities that make drivers' lives on the road a little bit simpler. Lots of parking places for big rigs are a sign of a good truckstop. Additionally, it should provide a range of dining alternatives, including sit-down restaurants and quick nibbles, so that drivers can have nice meals. Truckstops should also provide showers and laundry facilities so that truckers may stay clean and rested when traveling long distances.

20 truck stops of America that you can’t miss

The map is covered in chains of truck stops. The majority of chains provide rewards points or loyalty programs that are redeemable at all of their locations. Drivers accrue points for taking showers, eating, and using fuel. 

Some of the largest truck stops of America include:

1. Iowa 80 in Walcott, IA

Source: tripadvisor

This truckstop serves over 5,000 customers a day, which has made it the "world's largest truck stop." It is a must-see for any passing truckers and features a movie theater, truck showroom, dentist's office, library, and much more.

2. Jubitz Travel Center in Portland, OR

Source: Jubitz Harlodev

We call this the world's classiest truck stop since it provides drivers with jacuzzis, a movie theater, a barbershop, free dancing lessons, and a convenience store that sells all sorts of things including your favorite snacks, trucker jackets or T-shirts and other items to make your trip easier. The facility features a hotel, a full-service restaurant open 24 hours a day, fuel and maintenance services, a movie theater, and a lounge with nightly entertainment.

3. Kenly 95 Petro in Kenly, NC

Source: tripadvisor

Kenly 95 may now claim to be the world's largest truck stop, because of its expansion in 2016. The Iowa 80 Group bought Kenly in the early 2000s, and since then, it has increased the retail area by 23,000 square feet. They have a service to wash your truck, a truck servicing center, a supper den, and some other niceties you'll be lucky to find on the road in addition to their fleet fuel and wash programs.

4. South of the Border in Hamer, SC

Source: Sobpedro

This has to be one of the best vacation spots for families and truckers. This location includes the 200-foot Sombrero Observation Tower, a children's amusement park called Pedroland, and the Reptile Lagoon. The indoor reptile exhibit is one of the largest truck stops of America.

5. North Forty Truck Stop in Holladay, Tennessee

Source: tripadvisor

This stop offers Wi-Fi, showers, overnight parking, laundry facilities, a barber, and even a massage therapist. The restaurant is also known for its outstanding service and for serving some of the best food in the area. Next time it’s on your nearest truck stops list, check out their local specialties, such as fried pies.

6. Busy Bee Travel Center in Live Oak, FL

Source: yelp

In addition to honey, the Busy Bee gift shop offers a variety of homemade fudge, exotic beef jerky, and other goodies. There is no waiting because there is always access to fuel and there are plenty of private bathrooms; many say the bathrooms are on par with those in a five-star hotel. In addition to having CAT scales, this location also houses well-known fast food outlets and their convenience store which sells amazing trucker hats. So do visit this stop if it’s among the nearby truck stops for you.

7. Little America in Little America, Wyoming

Source: tripadvisor

Little America has served as "Wyoming's Oasis" for truck drivers for over 60 years, providing them with a hotel stay that receives TripAdvisor's "2020 Traveler's Choice Award"!

8. Speedway in Disputanta, Virginia

Source: stronggroupusa

Speedway is one of the world’s largest truck stops and the most successful truck stop chains in the US. The Disputanta location includes a trucker's lounge, a restaurant, and overnight parking for over a hundred trucks.

9. Keystone Restaurant and Truck Stop in Loretto, PA

Source: tripadvisor

If you're driving down Route 22, this is a hidden gem. Keystone is a small town with a convenience store, deli, and truck parking. You can get some home-style cooking at the restaurant and use the showers during your stop. The parking area has space for your paperwork as well as room for big vehicles like RVs. Put this on your nearest truck stops list!

10. Big Horn Travel Center in Fort Worth, TX

Source: csnews

This Fort Worth travel center is a must-visit and is renowned for its cleanliness and friendliness. It is renowned for its pristine restrooms and a wide selection of well-known restaurants in its food court. In addition to showing up when you search for the best truck stop with showers near me, they have a wildlife exhibit you can check out while you're there. A further benefit is having free access to air or water pumps as needed. A further benefit is having free access to air or water pumps as needed. Big Horn's 9,000-square-foot station perfectly encapsulates Fort Worth's distinctive characteristics.

11. Mach 1 in Frankfort, IL

Source: tripadvisor

The truckstop in Frankfort, IL, rated #1 by drivers on CDL Life, is a favorite among drivers due to their willingness to listen to driver feedback.

12. Beckley/Tamarack Travel Plaza in Beckley, WV

Source: foursquare

Beckley/Tamarack Travel Plaza is an iconic I-77 stop that features everything from artisans to art from regional talents, but this location is more than just a shopping experience. Aside from serving as a community hub with art classes and Appalachian cuisine, there are plenty of parking spaces for truckers and RVs on the road. This interesting site has unique offerings and is conveniently located; many people consider it to be among their nearest truck stops.

13. Pilot Travel Center in Bath, New York

Source: twitter

Pilot Travel Center has become well-known as a chain travel center throughout the United States due to its convenience and abundance of locations. In Bath, New York, the center offers a variety of hot and cold food options, as well as 70 parking spaces, fueling stations, showers, wireless internet, public laundry, and much more.

14. Big Apple Travel Center in Joplin, MO

Source: tripadvisor

Truck drivers voted Big Apple the most popular truck stop in 2020. They also serve traditional Indian cuisine. The Big Apple's top priorities are cleanliness, excellent service, and high-quality cuisine.

15. Whiskey Pete's in Primm, Nevada

Source: whiskeypete

Whiskey Pete's may not look like a traditional truck stop, but it provides a place for truckers to rest and recharge near the California-Nevada state line. In addition to the nearest truck stops for many routes, there is a slew of casinos, hotels, outlet stores, and even a roller coaster, all located next to a 24-hour restaurant, business center, and gas station.

16. Noble's Restaurant and Truck Stop in Corinth, KY

Source: tripadvisor

This "Old School Truck Stop" ranked first among independent truck stops due to its small-town atmosphere, home-style country cooking, and affordable food and gas prices. 

17. Morris Travel Center in Morris, Illinois

Source: travelcenter

The famous Morris Travel is open 24 hours a day and has a top truck stop restaurant in the United States. Since its inception in 1967, R Place has evolved into a one-of-a-kind restaurant that features an exquisite bakery, homemade pastries, and its 4-pound Ethel Burger.

18. Tennessean Truck Stop in Connersville, TN

Source: tripadvisor

This truck stop, which has been family-owned since 1974, is a driver and a local favorite! This truck stop provides drivers with a lasting impression of southern hospitality.

19. Love's Travel Stop in Hampshire, IL

Source: truckerpath

Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores is the nation's leading travel stop network, with over 540 locations in 41 states! Drivers can expect the best service, smiling faces, and a great experience from the moment they pull in until they leave!

20. Sapp Bros in Sidney, Nebraska

Source: sappbros

The Sapp Bros truck stops take pride in providing exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond the norm. For any trucker, the bathrooms are the pinnacle of service. Each bathroom has a granite countertop and is spotless. If it isn't, simply press the button in the bathroom and the staff will be summoned to assist you!

Visit the top 20 truck stops in America

Take advantage of the best truck stops in America now that you know where to look! A good rest stop can help you refuel both physically and mentally, allowing you to be better prepared for the challenges ahead. So, the next time you're driving at night or during the day, stop at one of these fantastic truck stops. You will not be disappointed!


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