Do You Know Who The Real Santa Is?

Do You Know Who The Real Santa Is?

Ho! Ho! Ha!

That’s the sound of our truck drivers. Yup, you heard that right. 

Christmas is a joyous and exciting time of year for most people, but for truckers, it's usually a mad scramble to get food, gifts, and necessities delivered on time. Santa can't do it alone in the run-up to the holidays—truck drivers play an important role in making Christmas fun and exciting for us. In comparison to Santa's sleigh, only trucks cover more miles throughout the holiday season.

We usually overlook how heavily we depend on the logistics and transportation sectors to receive all the items we require. The holiday season is a good time to consider all that professional truck drivers do for us—especially when they cannot celebrate Christmas at home.

Truck drivers put forth extra effort in the months leading up to December to make sure that all the items we need for Christmas are on the shelves of our neighborhood stores. 

A big thank you to all the drivers who kept trucking throughout the holidays! 


On that note, we have compiled a list of useful tips as well as the challenges and experiences of our truck drivers regarding how they spend their holiday seasons. 

Let’s dive in.

What challenges do you face while working on holidays? 

Mamadou Ndoye: One of the biggest challenges is, undoubtedly, that you're not home for longer periods, which makes you miss your family and the family activities around it. But hey, there are some pros too. We gotta focus on the bright side of making more money during the holidays for your family (let’s be honest, we all love money) 😉

Michael Lane: Well, it’s definitely a fact that you’re not there with your loved ones during Christmas. But you've made the decision, so suck it up! 😋 Another challenge is the holiday traffic. It's heavier than usual, and it sucks, so you need to plan your trip carefully.

How do you balance work and family life during the holiday season? 

Thomas Golden: A balance between work and family is an ongoing thing. Everyone involved needs to put in their time and effort and have understanding for each other. I always want to take an extra few days the following weekend. Or whenever I'm close to home, I make sure to stop by and spend as much time with them as possible. We make video calls on holidays when I'm done driving. We even have conference calls with every family member, so we can all be together in a way. A holiday is not a date. For my family and me, holidays are when I go back home from the road.

Curtis Hutton: My wife and my family understand the challenges of my work. I'm trying to get the most out of it every time I go home. Spend quality time with her, participate in some activities with her... just be there and make it count. Communication is the key. We talk on the phone a lot, doing video calls. It's difficult out there, but just hearing my wife's voice warms my heart.

Angela: We get to spend all holidays together as a married couple who drives as a team. My family is in Pennsylvania; his is in Georgia. So whenever his or my family plans something, we try to get a load, swing by, and be part of their activities. 

What tips would you give other drivers on spending time away from home?

Mamadou Ndoye: If you decide to stay on the road for Christmas or any other holiday, don't be angry with yourself. Stand behind your decision. It's difficult to be away for the holidays, but you'll make it up next time you go home. If you feel down, call your best friend or the closest family member and just talk with him or her. They'll lift your spirit and change your thoughts

Michael Lane: Okay, I’m going to list a few here:

  • Check the weather where you're driving, especially at this time of the year.
  • Plan your time and trip, and always leave some wiggle room because of heavier traffic than usual.
  • Make sure to video call your loved ones on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.
  • Treat yourself with some cake.

Thomas Golden: Take advantage of your proximity and stop by to surprise your family! Also, communicate with them on a daily basis.

Angela: Make sure to get your family members on FaceTime and see them opening their presents. It's the closest feeling to being all together for the holiday. You can also try to pick up special gifts on the way and give them to your loved ones the next time you go home. It's a unique gift, plus you'll be sharing part of what you're doing and where you go with them.

Curtis Hutton: Be extra cautious while driving. There will always be someone rushing to get somewhere, some bully being "smart." Don't text and drive; always be hands-free and keep a safe distance from other cars and trucks. Track the weather; you don't want to get stuck somewhere on the side of the road in a snowstorm. And most importantly, call your loved ones; they'll bring Christmas to you, and you'll make their holiday better with only one phone call.

While you’re driving during this season, make sure you’re safe.

Pay attention to your surroundings to be safe while driving during the holidays. Because there are a lot of vehicles on the road and more traffic on the highways during the holidays, it's important to keep your guard up. Keep an eye out on the road and maintain safe distances. With an increase in traffic, it’s advisable that you leave early rather than drive fast to reach your destination on time.

Whether you're traveling or spending the holidays at home with your family, we wish you a joyful and safe holiday season. However, if you are having trouble returning home for the holidays, then we encourage you to visit Road LegendsDrivers can set their own schedules at Road Legends and have freedom of choice.

Ending note

If you are unable to spend Christmas with your family, there are many other ways to celebrate the season. For example, you can give gifts to others, organize a delicious Christmas dinner with your closest trucking friends, or help out at a truck stop to make new drivers feel welcome. Christmas is a time to thank you for all your blessings throughout the year. Positive thinking and vibes can be promoted by counting your blessings and reflecting on all the wonderful things that have happened to you over the last year.

Lastly, all of us from Road Legends would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank all the truckers around the world for making every Christmas special!

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