40 Funny Trucker Hats That Will Compel You to Buy One

40 Funny Trucker Hats That Will Compel You to Buy One

There seems to be one trait that all truck drivers have in common. And no, it doesn’t include them all driving a large truck. It's the fact that almost every truck driver has a hat on. There are other names for a trucker hat, including "trucker cap," "mesh cap," and "netback cap." The trucker hats have become a well-known accessory and many people, apart from just truckers, love wearing them. 

Although expensive versions of the trucker hats may symbolize class, the trucker hat's accessibility and ability to cope with bad hair days have kept it a classic of the American culture. Around the world,  truck drivers wear hats to help block the sun's rays and glares that could impair their visibility. Hats are not just for fashion; they are also crucial for driving safely.

How to take care of your trucker cap

  • Do not machine-wash the cap; instead, wash it by hand. It will damage the shape. To keep its shape, hand wash it while soaking it in soapy water.
  • Check for colorfastness: Color bleed should constantly be looked for when handling a white trucker hat with colored embroidery. To check for colorfastness, lightly wet the colored area. When you're certain it won't bleed, you can wash the cap.
  • Allow the cap to air dry so that it can keep its shape. Form a ball out of a dry towel and tuck it inside the trucker hat. Allow it to air dry beneath a fan or in a shaded place close to a window.
  • Wash frequently to prevent sweat and stains from building up on your trucker hat. Washing it regularly will help you avoid unpleasant odors and long-lasting sweat stains.

Some funny trucker hats

We have to start with our favorite hat. Of course, it’s ours, and we own it like a boss!

Maybe we can even start selling our own trucker hats as a side business. 👀

Seriously, don’t spit on the road!

Hmm, haven’t we all? Guess you’re not the only one, Pal.

If you know it, you know it.

Why? So you can do all you want? We don’t think so.


Go for it!

This has to be one of our personal favorite trucker hats!

You sound more like a “snackbag” than a “snapback”

One of the best trucker hats for men!

It’s alright, we respect all choices.

Wow man, really? 

Something is better than nothing. But really, we all know someone who needs a bunch of these trucker hats for men!


That just broke our hearts!

Here only for the popcorn (and find out the best trucker hats for men)!

You better start pulling out too.


That ain’t me.

Good response to the one above. Maybe it was just an old one.


Dangerous guy! We need a bunch of these trucker hats for men.


“I’ll be there for you”. We literally sang that.


Who’s going bananas? These trucker hats for men (no pun intended)?

Wow, are you really?


Oh, you know what I mean!!


All Dads ever! Take all of these trucker hats for men please!!

One lucky man!

Happens all the time.

With our trucker's diet, please wait for centuries.

Must have been a struggle.


There is still a lot of fish in the sea.

Seriously guys, follow traffic rules and keep a look-out for some good traffic safety supply.


Once a Trucker, always a Trucker!

Take us Tacos!

Wow, who made you mad bro?

Truck life forever!

You’ll be there soon.

Haha, now that’s our favorite one.

It has its own perks.

Okay, calm down there, Pal. You don't have to.

No judgments, please!

Final thoughts!

Trucker hats are a very practical accessory that offers both rain and sun protection. Trucker hats aren't only for truckers, they can be worn by all of us. So the next time you see someone wearing one, don't forget to compliment them. 

Bonus: Compliment these trucker hats with a nice trucker jacket.  

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