Trucking Pictures: 10 Stunning Trucking Pictures From Our Drivers

Trucking Pictures: 10 Stunning Trucking Pictures From Our Drivers

If you bought it, a truck brought it. No one knows the truth of this expression more than the dedicated truck drivers. However, the pandemic brought that into sharper focus and the public realized the true meaning of the saying too. The people became aware of the importance truck drivers have in the world. Without you, the store shelves wouldn't have been restocked. Our society enjoys security since it can rely on our modern supply chain. The professional truck drivers are the ones who make it happen. Truck driving is an essential service and being a truck driver is a lifestyle you should be proud of. You are the force that drives this great nation.

Our drivers at Road Legends certainly are, and they do love showing off their big rigs. Those shiny and decked-out trucks really catch the eye down the highway and we have the photos to prove it to you. Fortunately, today, we don’t need fancy cameras to get great pictures. Almost all smartphones have a great, high-quality camera already. Take a look at some of the most amazing real trucking pictures courtesy of our truckers.

📸 by Trevor Palmer

Nature is always here to help us take some beautiful shots – desert plains, mountains, hills, or rivers. Location does make all the difference in a photo!

📸  by Susanne Bentley

📸 by Glen Mitchell

📸 by Paul Jenkins

Wow, that one is just beautiful. What would you name this truck?

📸 by Rebecca Bullman Cabe

📸 by Wayne Bentley

We love trucking with pets!

📸 by Jamar Jenkins

📸 by Ronald Bachleder

Usually, it is better to take pictures in the daytime. However, in this case, nighttime trucking worked! Let there be light!

📸  by Don Jackson

And sometimes we don’t need a great background. All we need is our rigs and our logo. Look at these beauties! 



Why are you only decorating your house?! We at Road Legends take Halloween very seriously.

Trunk or Treat!

Hope you enjoyed our gallery. Feel free to use our pictures if you find a truck photo you like, but make sure to mention us as your source. And send us some cool images of your rigs too. We would love to see them and who knows your rig may even be added to our collection of truck memes!



Road Legends Team

Post created: February 22 ,2022

Post updated: June 21 ,2023