Trucking Memes: 33 Hilarious Trucking Memes to Make you Laugh

Trucking Memes: 33 Hilarious Trucking Memes to Make you Laugh

Trucking can be very lonely especially if you don’t have a partner or a pet with you in your truck. However, we are sure that once in a while you receive a hilarious trucking meme from your fellow drivers and you cannot stop laughing. Well, today you don’t have to wait for that message because we have made a collection of the funniest trucking memes especially for you. We hope this will cheer up your day!

Let’s get the ball rolling!

Tired, hungry, late for the next dispatch, and in a traffic jam. It cannot get any worse, right?

 Until… you get a flat tire...

Or you hit a patch of ice…


Or you get into a trucker’s conversation with some random people that don’t know a thing about trucking! Yeah, we feel ya.


There are some things that only truckers can relate to like adoring and admiring your own truck. 

We know it’s easy to get attached to your truck, that heavy machinery that provides for you and your family. Don’t worry it’s not just you, it happens to all real professional truck drivers.



 And yes, it’s a trucker’s thing, and others wouldn’t understand 😂


While we love connecting with you on Social Media, we know that there can only be one true and original social network for our fellow truck drivers! You prefer this one, right?

And after weeks on the road operating an 18-wheeler, driving a car or anything else feels like driving a toy. You just have a hard time getting used to it. Does this happen to you too?

We all know that truck drivers have superpowers. Maybe they don’t save a lady in trouble like Spiderman but they do anticipate accidents or dangerous situations on the road several seconds before they happen. And yes, they are the most experienced drivers on the road!


Although truck drivers keep America stocked and running many people have different perceptions of what they actually do.



The following memes describe...let’s just not get into this, ok?



And here’s her friend in the park, also a trucker’s wife…

Joke aside, we want to thank all those trucker’s wives who are patient enough to wait for their husbands. We know it’s hard and you are the biggest heroes!





The trucker/dispatcher relationship can really have ups and downs.

Luckily for our drivers, we have the best dispatchers who care!



Yes, they care about the load getting on time 😂


Just kidding… these are only trucking memes. First and foremost our dispatchers care about our drivers because they are part of our family and also they keep America moving! 


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Post created: December 13 ,2021

Post updated: October 19 ,2022