Top 17 Trucking Tools And Equipment That Every Trucker Needs

Top 17 Trucking Tools And Equipment That Every Trucker Needs

You probably chose truck driving because you like traveling and flexibility...okay, money, too. These reasons are enough to make truck driving a terrific career. 

However, if you want to have a successful trip, you gotta make some plans. Trucking items and tools are necessary if you want to be protected from potential problems and keep you comfortable during your trip. When driving, there is no way to predict what can happen. What if you need a new bulb in the middle of the night? A flashlight might be handy. What if you cannot park the truck in the parking lot because of the snow? You’d need to throw down salt. 

There are many necessities for you and your truck that you may not think about when you are packing for your drive. This article will list some basic trucking equipment that every trucker should have. Knowing the basics for our trip can save us room, money, and time. 

Certain items would seem essential such as eld devices, but others you wouldn’t even consider until you don’t have them at hand.

Let’s have a look. 

Personal belongings

Whether you’re a veteran or new to driving a truck, there are some essential personal items to keep in your cab. 

1. First aid kit

For minor injuries, a small and well-stocked first aid kit is essential throughout any trip. Bug bite creams, antibiotic ointment, relief medication, and band-aids are a must when you spend most of your time on the road.

2. Medications

 It would be good to have meds that will be enough to last for the whole length of the trip. Organize them in a daily pill organizer so you know what to take and when.

3. Bathroom kit

The hygiene basics are toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and deodorant. Keep yourself clean and healthy, and show some consideration for your fellow truckers. You can add a pair of flip-flops and a package of personal wipes for days when the shower stop can’t happen.

4. Memory foam mattresses 

A full or double-size mattress will fit almost any size truck bed. An 8-inch memory foam mattress will help you get your well-deserved rest. 

5. Earplugs

This item is really good, especially for team drivers, and if one of you snores! It’s a good investment if your surroundings are loud and you need a good rest.

6. Winter boots and jacket

Traveling through areas where snow is possible means you gotta be well prepared. You might get stuck and walk in the snow or be the first one in the truck stops before the plows arrive. Whatever the case is, you need good equipment to keep you warm.

7. Water and food

Eating out can be expensive and time-consuming. Keep water and nonperishable snacks in your cabin.

8. Refrigerator

Talking about food, most trucks should already have factory-installed refrigerators. This will help you have a better meal plan and probably save you money. A bonus would be a microwave that would expand your options even more. 

Safety tools

Safety doesn’t magically happen. If we want to be safe on the road, we need to be well-prepared with some basic tools.

9. Bunk heater

This small diesel-fired heater heats the truck's interior and comes in air and hydronic. The air version heats the interior, while the hydronic version warms up the engine.

This gives the drivers unlimited electrical power even if the engine is off. Keep your heat and enjoy the warmth for greater comfort.

10. Toolbox

You might want to invest in a good toolset if you are a trucker. Store screwdrivers, vice grips, winch straps, combination wrenches, sledgehammer, wire cutters, electrical tape...well, you get the picture! You must be prepared for every situation and have a well-put-together tool kit. When you have everything you need, your truck will be safer. 

11. Gloves

You need a good pair of work gloves for handling loading and unloading freight, so don’t go cheap. You should find gloves that are durable and protective for different working environments and, preferably, gloves that would be visible at night, too. It would be best if you have different kinds of seasonal changes. They’ll keep your hands warm and protected.

12. Flashlights

 This is a basic item you need in your truck. Ensure you have flashlights to check the truck for any damages during the night or if you need to walk in an unfamiliar dark area. 

13. Fire extinguisher

Please make sure the fire extinguisher is well-maintained and works when you need it. The fire extinguisher has to be OSHA-approved and inspected monthly. It must be placed and stored in your truck in a way that it won’t move around.

14. Extra hoses and belts

You will need extra hoses and belts if your truck breaks down. It can cost you a lot of time and money if you rely on someone else to come and fix it for you. Learn how to fix things on your own to save some time. Carry some universal hose replacements in different sizes if you cannot carry the exact replacement hoses.


The miles of asphalt that are waiting can be dull. Once you have a break, try to find fun activities you can do to keep yourself entertained.  

15. Laptop or tablet 

Netflix or HBO would help you find the best trucking movies and the time will go faster when you are relaxing on the road. You will probably need free WiFi to use them. However, luckily our technological world helps us find access to the internet very easily!

16. Books

The most old-fashioned way of entertainment. There are so many books and genres to choose from. You can buy or rent them. Also, if you don’t have space to keep physical books, you can always store them on your tablet or Kindle. 

17. Hobbies

Photography, writing, or maybe art. Bring along things you love doing outside of work and enhance your skills during your free time! Take photos, draw, or write while you’re stopping for a break. 

Equipment in Road Legends trucks

As a trucking company, we know it’s hard for our truckers to find and get everything they need for their trucks. That is why we try to accommodate and make them feel as comfortable as possible by providing some essentials for their trucks.

Our 2022-2021 Kenworth T680's come with automatic Transmission Kw’s. All trucks are equipped with Carrier APU, Paccar MX-13 455hp, disk brakes, chrome bumper, a fridge, power inverter, swivel seat and table, 76" high roof Aerodyne with windows, and more. Contact us for more details at 773-377-8721.


Wrapping up…

The truck is a home away from home and it can be as comfortable as you want it to be. You are the one who has the ability to make it feel as so. Naturally, this is not the definitive list for your trucking equipment, but it is a list of recommendations for fellow truckers. We hope you find the list helpful when you prepare for your next trip. There might be an item or two we forgot to mention and you believe it’s a must for a trucker. Let us know! What is that one unique thing we have to have as part of our trucking equipment? Our readers would love to know and we are always looking for new ideas to make their lives easier. 

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