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Top 5 Night Driving Glasses That We Recommend
May 14, 2024

Top 5 Night Driving Glasses That We Recommend

Do you find yourself squinting and straining to see the road ahead when driving at night? If so, you're not alone. Many people experience discomfort and reduced visibility when driving after dark, which can make nighttime journeys stressful and potentially hazardous. Fortunately, a simple solution can help minimize these issues: night driving glasses. So what are these night driving glasses and where can you get the best ones? We’re here to explain it all. Keep reading.

What are night driving glasses?

Night driving glasses are special glasses made for driving in the dark. They don't need a prescription and usually have yellow lenses. They also have a special coating that stops light from reflecting off them, which can cause glare from streetlights and car headlights. These glasses, which have been around for a long time, are similar to ones used for shooting. Sometimes, the lenses are the same. People use yellow-tinted shooting glasses for hunting to help them see better when it's cloudy. This is especially useful for bird hunters.

How to know if you need night driving glasses

Determining if you need night driving glasses starts with noticing certain signs or changes in how you see. Pay attention to how well you can see and how comfortable you feel when driving at night.

Here are some signs that might mean you could benefit from night driving glasses:

  • Sensitivity to glare: If lights from cars or streetlights make it hard for you to see because they're too bright, glasses that help with this could be useful.
  • Trouble adjusting to light: It takes your eyes a long time to get used to bright or dim light when you're driving.
  • Accidents or close calls: If you've had accidents or almost had accidents because you couldn't see well at night, it's important to take action.
  • Advice from an eye doctor: Your eye doctor can give you the best advice. If they say you need night driving glasses or a special coating on your glasses, it's a good idea to listen to them.

If you have any of these problems, make an appointment to see an eye doctor as soon as possible.

Top 5 night driving glasses that we recommend

Nighttime driving presents unique challenges; however, with the right tools and knowledge, driving on the roads at night can become much safer and more comfortable. Night driving glasses come in all shapes and sizes but we have our top picks to help you make confident decisions for your nighttime journeys.

1. Optix 55 Polarized Glasses

Source: Amazon

Costing around $20, these glasses come with plastic and rubber frames and have a 3.9 out of 5.0 Amazon review score based on over 1,100 reviews. They offer glare reduction, comfort, and clarity, making them a top choice for night driving. However, some users find the stems too inflexible for larger heads.

2. Xiyalai Vipers Sunglasses

Source: Amazon

Priced at approximately $30, these glasses feature plastic and silicone frames and come with three interchangeable lenses. They provide decent glare reduction and include a hard shell carry case.

3. BLUEMOKY Reading Glasses

Source: Amazon

Available for around $17, these glasses have TR-90 thermoplastic frames and are equipped with blue light filtering lenses. While they offer excellent comfort and clarity, their glare reduction capabilities are minimal.

4. Optix 55 Fit Over HD Night Driving Glasses

Source: Amazon

With a price of about $18, these glasses feature plastic frames and provide peripheral vision coverage. They fit over prescription lenses and offer exceptional lens clarity.

5. Aisweet Night Driving Glasses

Source: motor1.com

These budget-friendly glasses cost approximately $7 and come with metal and silicone frames. While they offer minimal glare reduction compared to pricier options, they include a hard shell carry case for added convenience.

More tips for better nighttime driving

Besides wearing glasses, there are other things you can do to see better when driving at night. Here are some simple tips to help you drive more safely at night:

  • Keep your glasses clean: Make sure your glasses are clean before you start driving. Dirty glasses can make it harder to see because they cause glare and blur your vision.
  • Clean your windshield: Clean both the inside and outside of your windshield. A dirty windshield can make it harder to see at night because it scatters the light.
  • Turn down the interior lights: Bright lights inside your truck can make it hard to see outside. Keep them dim to reduce reflections and glare.
  • Adjust your mirrors: Angle your rearview mirrors so they don't reflect the headlights of cars behind you. This will help you see better and avoid being blinded by bright lights.
  • Take breaks: Driving for a long time can make you tired, especially at night. Take breaks at truck stops and stay alert.
  • Get your eyes checked: Regular eye exams can help you catch vision problems early. If you're having trouble seeing at night, it could be a sign of a bigger problem.
  • Drive defensively: Be aware of what's happening around you and leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. This will give you more time to react if something unexpected happens. 
  • Use high beams wisely: Use your truck’s high-beam headlights when appropriate, but be mindful of oncoming traffic and switch to low beams when approaching other vehicles to avoid blinding other drivers.
  • Avoid staring at oncoming lights: When driving at night, avoid fixating on the headlights of oncoming vehicles, as prolonged exposure to bright lights can cause temporary vision impairment and make it harder to see the road ahead.
  • Reduce speed: Adjust your driving speed to accommodate reduced visibility and potential hazards at night. Slowing down allows for better reaction time and increases your ability to navigate safely through challenging driving conditions.
  • Use road signs/markings as guides: Rely on road signs or markings, such as lane dividers and reflective markers, to help guide your truck’s positioning, especially in poorly lit areas or when visibility is limited.
  • Use GPS navigation: There are smartphone apps to plan your route and receive real-time updates on road conditions, traffic congestion, and potential hazards, helping you make informed driving decisions.
  • Be mindful of weather conditions: Stay informed about weather forecasts and road conditions, especially during nighttime travel. Adjust your driving behavior and route if necessary to account for adverse weather conditions, such as rain, fog, or snow.
  • Keep emergency supplies handy: Prepare for unexpected situations by carrying emergency supplies in your vehicle, including a flashlight, extra batteries, blankets, water, non-perishable snacks, and a basic first aid kit.
  • Monitor your health: Prioritize your physical and mental well-being by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, getting adequate rest, and seeking medical attention for any underlying health concerns that may affect your ability to drive safely at night.
  • Practice regular maintenance: Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained by scheduling routine inspections and addressing any mechanical issues promptly. Well-maintained brakes, tires, headlights, and windshield wipers contribute to safer nighttime driving experiences.

Relax and put your glasses on for an easy night trucking

Driving at night brings its challenges, but night driving glasses can tackle nighttime journeys with ease and safety. By choosing reliable night driving glasses and following practical advice like keeping glasses and windshields clean, adjusting interior lights, and taking regular breaks, drivers can enhance their nighttime visibility and stay alert on the road. You should always also prioritize eye check-ups and defensive driving techniques.

Author: Road Legends

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