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Road to Savings: The Best 18 Trucking Fuel Cards in the USA
October 16, 2023

Road to Savings: The Best 18 Trucking Fuel Cards in the USA

Trucking fuel cards are essential whether you have one or more trucks. 

But what are they? From a trucking company’s perspective, these cards help your drivers get discounts on fuel across the country (also one of the main perks to attract truckers to your company). Not just this, they also help you track how much your company or truck drivers spend on fuel so you can manage your finances more efficiently. 

Trucking fuel cards come from different places like banks, gas stations, or other financial companies. With so many choices, picking the right one for your business can be tough. That's why we've done some research to find the best trucking fuel cards in the US. Let's get started!

The top 18 trucking fuel cards for drivers and companies

This section will present a compilation of the top 18 best trucking fuel cards for drivers and trucking companies. Each card offers unique features, benefits, and discounts, enabling trucking businesses to cut fuel costs while optimizing their fuel management processes effectively. 

1. Wex Flex Card

WEX provides diverse fuel card solutions, offering extensive coverage in the U.S. and Canada. 

One of the significant advantages of WEX is its flexibility, as their cards are accepted at major truck stops and gas stations, providing widespread accessibility compared to station-specific cards. 

This versatility has earned WEX a reputation as one of the industry's most favored fuel card options, with numerous cost-saving experiences.

Among the WEX fuel cards available, the WEX Fleet Card is an ideal choice as it offers essential budget management services, fuel price discounts, and acceptance at 95% of truck stops nationwide. For businesses seeking brand-specific discounts, WEX provides specialized fuel cards for retailers.

The WEX FlexCard is the ultimate option for comprehensive benefits, offering custom reports, advanced budget management tools, and an automatic rebate of $0.03 per gallon. With no setup or annual fees, the WEX FlexCard allows easy management from any internet-connected device.

WEX cards come with the added convenience of the WEX Connect app, allowing users to locate discounts and find the most affordable fuel in their vicinity. Embracing WEX fuel cards empowers truckers to save money on their journeys, making it a smart long-term investment on the road.

2. RTS Carrier Services Fuel Card

RTS Carrier Services is a widely recognized and preferred fuel card choice for small fleets, particularly diesel truckers. They also offer a fuel card for mixed fleets of any size.

Offering competitive and cost-effective diesel pricing, RTS provides a convenient and user-friendly mobile app

that allows users to access the best fuel prices directly from their smartphones.

With this app, fleet managers and drivers can efficiently plan their refueling stops and take advantage of favorable prices

wherever they are, as long as they have internet access.

RTS has strategic partnerships with Pilot Flying J and thousands of independent stations, allowing them to bring added value to its customers. By leveraging their partnership with Pilot, RTS cardholders can access exclusive deals and discounts at these branded fuel stations, further optimizing fuel expenses.

While RTS is an effective tool for managing fuel budgets, it's important to note that its network of compatible fuel stations may be more limited than other fuel cards listed here. However, for fleet operators whose routes align with the available RTS-affiliated stations, it can still prove to be a valuable and money-saving choice.

3. BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus Card

BP Business Solutions offers a gas station-specific fuel card that enables refueling at BP stations and Amoco locations nationwide. 

This card comes with a comprehensive range of savings exclusively for BP customers, presenting potential rebates of up to $0.06 per gallon. 

Like a bank-issued credit card, BP Business Solutions offers various balance options, including non-revolving balances, for added flexibility.

While BP Business Solutions provides an excellent way to save at BP and Amoco stations, it is essential to note that its acceptance is limited compared to more versatile fuel card options. 

Nevertheless, BP offers a reliable and efficient fuel card with user-friendly budget management features, enabling card owners to have better control over their expenses.

4. Fuelman Deep Saver Card

Fuelman is another popular choice for fleets, providing effective cost-control features that simplify monitoring truckers' expenses. 

The Fuelman Deep Saver fuel card streamlines fuel spending, ensuring that all costs are directed towards essential diesel and ethanol fuel options, accompanied by various purchase rebates. 

Fleet operators can benefit from different rebates for unleaded and diesel fuel, both competitively priced to suit budgetary needs.

Like other leading fuel card options, the Fuelman Deep Saver is widely accepted at nearly 40,000 service stations nationwide, a number comparable to WEX's coverage. 

Fuelman Deep Saver charges a monthly fee to the card owner, offering insurance options to safeguard against potential fraud-related losses.

5. Shell Small Business Card

The Shell Small Business Card is an exclusive fuel card tailored for Shell customers, providing significant savings for their purchases. 

This cost-effective option does not impose any additional monthly or annual fees, making it an appealing choice. Like other fuel card options, Shell's fuel cards offer varying rebates on fuel, enabling discounts of up to $0.06 per gallon.

One limitation of gas station-specific fuel cards is their restricted usage at specific stations. However, with over 14,000 Shell stations nationwide, most long-distance truckers will find ample opportunities to conveniently fuel up at Shell stations. 

6. Apex Fuel Card

The Apex Fuel Card is a cost-effective and efficient option for truck drivers, enabling substantial savings at in-network locations with an average of 68 cents per gallon. 

While using the card at out-of-network locations can still yield savings of 3–5 cents per gallon, it's important to note that transaction fees may apply in such cases.

To enhance drivers' experiences and ease their journeys, Apex offers the Fuel Finder app for iOS and Android. This app allows drivers to easily locate in-network fuel stops and access information about available amenities, streamlining their travel planning process. 

All fuel purchases made using the Apex Fuel Card automatically sync to a cloud-based fuel management platform. This seamless integration simplifies the quarterly IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reporting process, saving drivers valuable time and effort.

Another appealing aspect of the Apex Fuel Card is that it comes with no fees for in-network use, ensuring drivers can maximize their savings without unnecessary additional costs. Moreover, the card supports cardless transactions at select Petro Stopping Centers, TA, and TA Express locations for added convenience and efficiency. 

As an added benefit, truckers can take advantage of a free custom fuel analysis service provided through the Apex Fuel Finder app, helping them optimize fuel expenses and improve their overall experience on the road.

7. Truckers Advantage Fuel Card

The fuel card offered by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) is designed exclusively for its members. 

This card has various attractive benefits, including cash prices at the pump, cost-plus discounts at independent fuel stops, and a substantial 10-cent discount per gallon at participating Pilot Flying J locations. 

With over 8,000 truck stops nationwide, including Speedway, Sapp Brothers, QuickFuel, and various other independent locations, the card offers extensive discounts for its users. 

Furthermore, the OOIDA fuel card does not incur any transaction fees, making it even more appealing to truckers seeking to save on fuel expenses. 

Additionally, cardholders can access cash advances and benefit from discounted permit services, further enhancing the value of this fuel card for members of the OOIDA community.

8. ExxonMobil FleetPro Card

ExxonMobil FleetPro is another fuel card specific to gas stations, offering significant advantages but with a limited number of fuel stations compared to other options. 

While most gas stations accept FleetPro cards, there is an additional fee of $2 per month for stations outside of ExxonMobil. Customers can enjoy substantial savings based on accumulated FleetPro points at fuel sales.

Like other top fuel cards, ExxonMobil FleetPro provides easy supervision, allowing card owners to manage their budgets and control expenses efficiently. For small fleets, FleetPro is an effective and reliable fuel card option within the ExxonMobil network, which boasts acceptance at over 95% of US fueling stations, even beyond Exxon or Mobil locations.

Moreover, ExxonMobil BusinessPro extends widespread coverage, efficient spend management, and an attractive fuel rebate structure of up to 6 cents per gallon on company fuel purchases—all without any monthly charges. If you seek an excellent fleet card without monthly fees, ExxonMobil BusinessPro is an ideal choice.

9. Comdata

The Comdata fuel card is a comprehensive solution offering retail-minus and cost-plus discounts, with potential savings of up to 25 cents per gallon based on the fuel stop. 

To get started, there is an initial set-up fee of $50 and a monthly fee of $8. The Driven for Comdata app further enhances the user experience by enabling easy expense management and fuel price tracking during travel.

Whether you are a fleet manager overseeing numerous vehicles or an owner-operator, the Comdata fleet card caters to various needs, combining fuel discounts, expense management features, and compliance benefits all in one place. With nationwide acceptance at over 15,000 locations, the card offers zero transaction fees, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice.

Moreover, this fuel card provides additional rebates at different locations, ensuring even greater user savings. As a Comdata cardholder, you benefit from 24/7 driver support and receive real-time fuel fraud alerts, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.

Another notable perk of the Comdata fuel card is the outstanding 65 percent discount on tires and retreads, applicable at more than 3,000 locations. This feature is advantageous for fleet operators, helping them manage maintenance expenses effectively.

10. ARCO Business Solutions Mastercard

ARCO Business Solutions is a collaboration between ARCO and Mastercard, offering an efficient credit card solution for prominent gas station chains nationwide. 

By eliminating the monthly membership fee of 5,000 gallons, ARCO Business Solutions becomes even more budget-friendly for those requiring high-volume fueling.

Due to ARCO's partnership with Mastercard, this fuel card can be used at any gas station accepting Mastercard, enhancing its versatility compared to other options listed. 

However, it's essential to note that ARCO Business Solutions is officially a charge card, meaning the pricing is influenced by the individual's credit score and risk assessment.

11. Chevron Texaco Card

The Chevron Texaco Card is a beneficial fuel card choice for carriers, featuring tracking of expenses and effective budget management functionalities. With the Chevron app, users can receive purchase notifications and set fuel spending limits for their fleets, allowing for enhanced oversight and control.

Although the Chevron Texaco Card excels in providing valuable business management features, it may not offer as many fuel discounts and cost-saving benefits as some other cards listed here, making it less cost-effective.

However, the card boasts a vast network of fueling stations nationwide, including numerous Chevron and Texaco locations, making it highly convenient for trucking businesses traveling long distances.

Moreover, the card offers customized reporting and expense tracking capabilities, providing carriers valuable insights into fuel consumption patterns. This detailed information aids in making informed decisions about fuel usage and allocation, contributing to improved cost management.

For carriers seeking a fuel card with robust tracking features and efficient budget management tools, the Chevron Texaco Card is a reliable option. Despite relatively fewer fuel discounts, its convenience, widespread network, and comprehensive expense tracking make it a dependable choice for optimizing fleet fuel management.

12. Coast

The Coast Fleet Fuel Card’s major advantage lies in its widespread acceptance, as it is honored wherever Visa accepts. 

While there is a monthly cost for each active card, its benefits, such as a flat two cents per gallon fuel rebate and discounts on partner services like Discount Tire and Jiffy Lube, can make it a worthwhile tradeoff.

Beyond fuel-related perks, the Coast Card offers several other attractive features. It requires no personal guarantee, allowing users to avoid personal liability, and it reports to business credit bureaus, aiding in building business credit. Additionally, the card can be used for other purchase categories, including maintenance and car washes.

Coast provides ample control and transparency, allowing users to set spend controls by card, driver, or vehicle, access real-time transaction reporting, and integrate with fleet management and accounting apps like Fleetio, Xero, and QuickBooks. However, it is essential to note that Coast is a charge card, meaning that balances cannot be carried from month to month.

This comprehensive offering, coupled with its extensive acceptance network and valuable reporting features, makes the Coast Fleet Fuel Card an excellent option for most business types, although sole proprietors are not eligible for this card. For trucking companies seeking a reliable and versatile fuel card solution, Coast provides a valuable combination of benefits and services to optimize fleet management and fuel spending.

13. EFS Fleet One Edge Card

The EFS Fleet One EDGE Card is a fuel card that boasts one of the highest fuel rebates available when used at participating EDGE discount program gas stations. With acceptance at over 12,000 truck stops nationwide and no monthly or annual fees, it presents a compelling option for fleet owners.

When used at the 4,500 participating EDGE discount sites, the card offers an impressive average 15 cents per gallon rebate. Additionally, no fuel transaction fees exist at over 4,000 in-network sites, providing further cost savings.

In addition to fuel rebates, the EFS Fleet One EDGE Card offers valuable features such as spend controls, detailed reporting, discounts on major tire brands, and savings on wireless plans, hotels, and repairs.

While it may not have the widest coverage among the listed fuel cards, its advanced reporting and enhanced security controls make it an attractive choice for trucking companies seeking effective fleet management. When used strategically, the EFS Fleet One EDGE Card can deliver substantial rewards and benefits, making it a valuable asset for discerning fleet owners.

14. Pilot Flying J Axle Fuel Card

This fuel card provides personalized credit options without any additional charges like annual, monthly, or transaction fees. It is designed for fuel purchases and comes with the added benefit of receiving promotional pricing on products available at Southern Tire Mart outlets. 

Moreover, the card offers the myRewards program, enabling users to accumulate points for every fuel purchase, which can later be redeemed in-store for various items, including food, beverages, truck accessories, and more.

With acceptance at over 800 locations, this fuel card offers convenience and accessibility across a vast fuel station network. The card also comes with preferred payment terms, providing users greater flexibility in managing their expenses. Additionally, cardholders benefit from the support of a dedicated account representative, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Another advantage of this fuel card is its versatility, as it caters to both diesel and mixed-fuel purchases, making it a suitable choice for various types of vehicles and fueling needs.

15. Discover It Secured

The Discover It Secured card offers attractive cash-back rewards for gas station and restaurant purchases, providing unlimited 2% cash back on these categories up to $1,000 in combined purchases each quarter. 

For all other expenses, the card offers 1% cash back. Discover's Cashback Match also doubles the cash back earned in the first year, effectively giving users 4% cash back on fuel purchases during that period.

As a secured credit card, the Discover It Secured requires a security deposit ranging from $200 to $2,500, determining the credit line. While it lacks fleet management features and additional perks, this card is an ideal option for those with bad credit, as responsible use can lead to an upgrade to an unsecured card after seven months. This upgrade possibility allows users to earn cash back on fuel purchases while building their credit profile and potentially reclaiming their security deposit.

16. QuikQ

The QuikQ fuel card provides a secure and convenient solution for fleet drivers purchasing on the go. This card offers a perfect blend of control and reporting, ensuring fleet owners can manage expenses effectively. With the flexibility to customize purchase policies and set individual driver limits, owners can maintain tight control over their fleet's spending.

The QuikQ fuel card boasts many impressive features to streamline the purchasing process. Fleet owners can easily monitor and manage driver transactions from various product codes to real-time authentication. Additionally, the card can be integrated into virtual wallets, facilitating seamless fuel and scale purchases.

Among its outstanding features are purchase controls based on driver, truck, and location, intuitive real-time reporting, and Q-checks for handling incidental payments. The card is further supported by a user-friendly mobile app, online account management, and a nationwide fueling network, ensuring drivers have ample options while complying with regulations.

17. BVD Fuel Card

The BVD fuel card is a Canadian fuel card that grants access to a vast network of more than 850 locations, ensuring efficient routes across North America. This fuel card is designed specifically for truckers and offers various benefits to enhance business operations and ensure comfortable and sustainable long drives.

With the BVD fuel card, users enjoy complete control over their spending on fuel and convenience stores, including the ability to choose preferred purchase locations. The card also provides regular reports detailing all fuel transactions, and its advanced reporting systems enable real-time transaction viewing, ensuring efficient tracking capabilities. With these features, the BVD fuel card empowers truckers with the tools they need to manage their expenses effectively and optimize their fuel-related operations.

18. TCS

TransConnect Services (TCS), typically abbreviated as TCS, provides fleet owners with an impressive average fuel savings of 63 cents per gallon, a remarkable feat in an industry where most fuel cards provide savings below 10 cents per gallon. 

While this unique feature makes TCS a standout choice, it is essential to remember that these substantial savings are only applicable at participating fueling stations, which may be limited in number.

Despite its restricted fuel station coverage, the TCS fleet card boasts valuable features, including dashboard snapshots, fuel station locators, and personalized account management. These services enhance the overall user experience and convenience for fleet owners.

Considering the potential for significant savings, TCS is certainly worth consideration, but it's crucial to conduct due diligence and verify if the available fueling stations align with your planned routes and operations. Assessing compatibility with your fleet's requirements will help determine whether TCS is optimal for maximizing fuel cost savings in your particular business context.

Are you ready to choose the best trucking fuel card?

Choosing the right fuel card is critical for trucking businesses, as it directly impacts fuel expenses, fleet efficiency, and overall profitability. 

Each of the 18 fuel cards discussed offers unique features, benefits, and cost structures tailored to different business needs. 

While some fuel cards provide higher fuel rebates, others excel in budget management, real-time reporting, and integration capabilities with transportation management systems. The key is to assess your business requirements, fleet size, and operational priorities to make an informed choice.

With the right fuel card in hand, trucking companies can gain better control over fuel spending, maximize savings, and optimize their fleet's performance. Whether it's streamlining expense tracking, setting spending controls, or accessing discounts on partner services, the right fuel card can significantly contribute to the success of trucking operations.


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