Truck Driver Average Salary

Truck Driver Average Salary

Are you considering a career as a professional truck driver? You've probably wondered how much a truck driver may earn. Or will my trucker's pay be sufficient to sustain my family? Is it conceivable to make $100,000 per year driving trucks? What will it be like to live on the road...will it be worth it?

A truck transports 90 percent of all consumer goods and food worldwide to their final destination; hence, a truck driver is critical to an economy's prosperity.

truck driver's income is determined by many criteria, including where they work, the distance traveled, the size of the hiring firm, the size of the vehicle, driver credentials, seniority, working conditions, and pay structure. This study examines how much you can make as a truck driver in North America and how you may improve your earnings.

Types of trucking jobs 

  • Orientation and training pay — When you first start with a carrier, you'll usually go through specialized training with a company driver. While you're training, some carriers set a standard pay rate.
  • OTR truck driver working alone - A major percentage of the workforce comprises solo truck drivers. Their incomes vary depending on the perks that their carrier offers. 
  • Team OTR truck driver - Logging more miles with a fellow truck driver is a great way to save money. The truck never stops moving with two drivers. Your partner is driving while you are taking a break. There is usually more money to be made because the drivers split the total combined distance. 
  • Dedicated truck driver– A dedicated truck driver makes trips and deliveries for a single company. They have a specific run or route for their designated company and exclusively transport its materials. These truckers usually get a little more home time than other cross-country truckers. The trade-off is that you'll almost always have to handle the freight you deliver. These jobs occasionally pay less than cross-country truck drivers who travel more miles. 
  • Truck driver trainer– After a few years on the road, you can put your expertise and experience to good use by training new truck drivers. Carriers often require rookie drivers to ride with a trainer until they are confident in their ability to drive alone. Having the knowledge and experience to educate new drivers can make a significant difference in compensation!
  • Owner-operator – After gaining sufficient experience working for a carrier, consider becoming an owner-operator if you prefer running your own business rather than working for an employer. You may someday have your fleet of drivers as an owner-operator.

Base pay for truck drivers

The most common method for calculating a trucker's basic pay is cents per mile. The most typical method in the sector is pay per mile, which allows for flexibility and efficiency while still providing a decent compensation, and many companies pay drivers weekly.

Pay for drivers varies a lot depending on the company. Look for companies that have been in business for a long time and have a track record of paying their drivers fairly and treating them with respect, such as Road Legends. Take a peek at Road Legends' salary and benefits.

How much does a lease purchase truckers make?

This is among the most often asked questions when considering a career shift from a company driver to a lease-purchase trucker

If you want to get your hands on a vehicle but aren't quite ready to buy one outright, lease buying is the right choice. When compared to buying a truck outright, you will own your truck after the process and make smaller down payments. Drivers should expect down payments of $10,000-14,000. While not insignificant, it is significantly less expensive than purchasing a used truck altogether, which costs, on average, slightly over $40,000.

Furthermore, drivers do not need a separate line of credit because the lease-purchase deal is with a carrier.

Typically, lease-purchase truckers earn more than company drivers. The most significant benefit is earning a good living while working to own your equipment. This is generally true even if you don't have a perfect credit score.

Becoming a lease-purchase operator is a step toward becoming an owner-operator trucker. 

Road Legends offers 75% of the load with included trailer and cargo insurance, and if you come with your rig, you’ll get 88% from the gross pay plus deductions (Trailer, Bobtail & Cargo Insurance, Pates, Ifta, etc…).

As an owner-operator, you can control your destiny.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of ways to generate money in the trucking industry. Even inexperienced drivers can make a good living straight away. If you're a veteran looking for a new job, certain companies will provide you with extra incentives to help you get started. With a year or two of experience, the possibilities continue to improve. Learn more about being a well-paid truck driver by visiting Road Legends’ website. If you're thinking about becoming a truck driver, learn how to get started and how to find the best owner-operator trucking jobs.


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