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7 Solid Reasons Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer
June 05, 2024

7 Solid Reasons Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are not like your typical car collision, they are high-risk accidents that have the potential of causing severe damage and life-altering consequences.

These types of accidents are much more complex than other vehicle accidents due to their large size. Truck accidents cause many more challenges for all parties involved, therefore requiring only the best legal attention.

Luckily, if you ever find yourself in that situation, some lawyers specialize in truck accidents. These types of lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to tackle this type of situation. With both state and federal regulations to consider, as well as insurance claims and communications with other parties involved, tuck lawyers can help navigate the situation. 

In this guide, we will look into the aftermath of truck accidents, and the importance of finding a legal aid who is knowledgeable and specialized in these situations. We will discuss how truck accident lawyers handle negotiations, paperwork, court proceedings, or anything else that may come up after a traumatic truck accident.

Understanding truck accident cases

Truck accidents can be caused by a variety of reasons, each with potentially devastating consequences. One common way truck accidents are caused is by driver fatigue. Long hours on the road can lead to impaired reaction times and concentration, causing the driver to swerve off their lane of the road. 

Driver fatigue is one of the most avoidable causes of truck accidents, as it is brought on by poor habits, overworking, and other issues that can be resolved. Simply improving a truck driver's sleeper cab environment with black-out curtains or an upgraded semi truck mattress could make the world of a difference when it comes to driver fatigue.

Neglected vehicle maintenance can also lead to accidents. This could include faulty brakes, or unmaintained tires, causing them to pop while driving. The last main reason for truck accidents is distracted driving. Whether the driver is testing behind the wheel, or eating while driving, their reactions can become slow due to their attention being elsewhere. 

These factors are often amplified by the size of commercial trucks. Their large size makes all of these instances even more severe. 

With these factors considered, truck accident cases are significantly different from regular car accidents, especially in terms of legal complexities. Their large size often causes much more damage than a regular car would in the same accident. 

Furthermore, federal and state regulations around truck accidents caused further complexities in these cases. Things like driver or vehicle maintenance logs are needed to determine the legal outcome. These complex cases require a lawyer who specializes in specific trucking laws, unlike lawyers who may take on traditional car accidents. 

During these types of cases, you can expect to see many parties involved. The truck driver who caused the accident will be present while being represented from a legal standpoint by an experienced lawyer. 

Trucking companies will also be involved, as they could be at fault for providing inaccurate training or maintenance on the truck. Equipment manufacturers can also be involved when there is faulty equipment. Lastly, insurance providers are involved in determining damage fees.

Why do you need a truck accident lawyer?

A truck accident lawyer is essential due to the extremely complex nature of these cases. With multiple parties who could be held liable, complex regulations, and severe damages due to the size of commercial trucks, legal expertise is crucial for navigating complexities, ensuring fair compensation, and securing justice for victims.

Truck accident lawyers play a pivotal role in investigating these types of incidents. As we listed above, there is a lot that a truck accident attorney will handle for their client. Below we have taken a deep dive into each of the above-mentioned roles a truck accident attorney will assume:

1. Thorough investigations

Truck accident lawyers conduct careful investigations by examining accident reports, gathering witness statements, and collaborating with accident reconstruction experts. These efforts allow truck accident attorneys to develop a better 360-degree picture of what exactly was reported to have happened, what appeared to have happened, and what can be proven to have happened.

This will then allow the attorney to develop a stronger understanding of the severity of the accident and the potential exposure for the client, the truck driver, as well as the fleet or company for which the driver works. In some cases, an attorney will be brought in on the fleet or company's behalf to represent the driver, as the fleet or company itself might face exposure from the accident as well. One of the strongest tactics an attorney has to combat any type of litigation or action by other parties involved in the accident is to first collect any and all evidence available to them.

2. Evidence collection

The attorney will look into various sources of evidence, including driver logs, maintenance records, and data from the truck itself to establish a complete understanding of the circumstances of the accident. This can offer value to the attorney in several different ways, but the two primary benefits of collecting evidence are:

1. Identify any evidence that can be leveraged against their client.

In this case, the attorney would find and identify any evidence that might be used against their client in any potential litigation and work to minimize any damages it may cause. This can be done by attempting to have the evidence thrown out, finding reasonable proof the evidence does not substantiate any claim against the driver, or simply preparing for how it may be used against the driver.

2. Identify any evidence that can be used to strengthen their client's case.

On this side of the ball, the attorney is looking more for a smoking gun that can be either used to exonerate the driver or incriminate the other party. This can be something that proves the driver was not at fault or that the accident was an unavoidable “act of god”, or it can also be something that proves the other party was at fault. 

Gathering and analyzing evidence is the foundation for any attorney's strong case, which is the next step in the process.

3. Building a strong case

Once the truck accident attorney has gathered all necessary evidence relevant to the accident, they will then begin to build their case, working to highlight negligence or liability on the part of the other parties. This can be done by using evidence to determine (and prove) that the other driver was at fault, that their client was victim to unforeseeable, uncontrollable circumstances that caused the accident, or any other route that directly clears their client of any wrongdoing.

Building the case is in some ways the most important aspect of a truck accident attorney's job. Yes, gathering evidence and painting a picture of the accident is essential to understanding the case, but the attorney's ability to build a case that is not only factual and straightforward but also believable is key. Their ability to understand the law, read the evidence, and from there develop the strongest possible case that gives their client the best chance to win is what separates good truck accident attorneys from professionals.

Once the attorney has had a chance to review the evidence and develop a case that they think will dispel any blame placed on the driver, the next best step to strengthen the case is how the attorney spins the driver's narrative. 

4. Compelling narrative

At the end of the day, both drivers involved (presuming there were two drivers involved) are real people with real stories, and so are the individuals presiding over the case. For this reason, there will always be some level of personal situation taken into consideration. How much this is taken into consideration depends solely on the attorney's ability to craft a competent narrative that favors their client's position, effectively painting the best possible image of the client in the eyes of those presiding over the case.

Creating an effective and believable narrative is extremely important and can turn out to be essential to the case. If the attorney's case is not as strong as initially thought or if the opposing attorney has a smoking gun for which the attorney has no answer, they can always lean on the narrative if it is strong enough, especially if the narrative works towards discrediting the opposing party's case.

In some cases, a narrative can even be cause for dismissing a case or both parties deciding to settle. In this case, the attorney's ability to negotiate on behalf of their client is put to the test. 

5. Effective negotiation

In most truck accidents, there are several parties involved, including drivers on both sides of the accident, both driver's insurance companies, and in some cases attorneys representing the companies under which the drivers operate. A truck accident lawyer's ability to leverage their gathered evidence, strong case, and narrative to negotiate with attorneys on the other side are essential. In some cases, both parties should come to an agreement, which would be handled by attorneys from both sides. 

The attorney will also negotiate with both insurance companies for fair compensation, holding accountable those responsible for the accident. This helps the driver maximize the return from their insurance company and hopefully minimize any premium increases or general negative impacts on their monthly insurance.

This is just another reason why not only finding a truck accident attorney is important, but also why finding a GOOD truck accident attorney is key. The attorney needs to be able to go to bat for their driver and understand the process well enough that they can get their client the best possible outcome outside of court, but also be proficient inside the courtroom if the case warrants it.

6. Court representation

If negotiation falls short, these lawyers are prepared to represent their clients in court, presenting their case to secure just compensation and justice for the victims.

Lawyers must also have effective negotiation skills throughout this entire legal process, especially when it comes to insurance companies. Truck accident lawyers are responsible for getting their clients fair compensation. Legal professionals must leverage their negotiation skills to ensure all parties are rewarded the compensation they deserve for loss and suffering.

7. Seeking compensation after a truck accident

After an accident, victims could be entitled to forms of compensation that account for their losses. Medical expenses are usually a primary concern. Covering hospital bills, ongoing treatment, or rehabilitation costs can get quite expensive. 

Additionally, being compensated or lost wages while not being able to work is crucial to supporting daily living expenses. Property damage could also be needed. This would include damage to the vehicle itself or any personal belongings lost in the accident. 

This is one of the ways truck accident lawyers are extremely valuable in cases. They are the ones to gather the proper evidence to support compensation needs during the aftermath. They will analyze their evidence and calculate the appropriate compensation for all parties involved. If compensation is not accepted, they will fight for fair compensation in court. 

How to choose the right truck accident lawyer

After an accident, you may wonder how you can select the right truck accident lawyer for your case. It is a good idea to choose one who has handled similar cases. This means they will have a great understanding of what to expect throughout your case. 

You can also research online lawyers in your area and read reviews on others' experiences. Scheduling consultations will also provide good insights into whether a lawyer is compatible with your case. 

The legal process after a truck accident 

The exact legal process to expect after a truck accident usually falls within these steps:

  1. File a claim: The first step after any accident is to finalize a claim with all the involved parties to their respective insurance companies. 
  2. Investigation: This is where accident lawyers gather evidence, and insurance companies inspect the scene. 
  3. Negotiation: Next lawyers will use their skills to negotiate compensation.
  4. Litigation: If necessary, your case will go to court and a judge will determine proper compensation and fault. 

It is essential to move promptly during all of these steps. Delays can cause loss of legal rights due to statutes of limitations. This ensures the best outcome for all parties. 

Let your truck accident lawyer take care of you!

The complex world of truck accident cases requires a skilled lawyer to ensure proper navigation. 

From investigating the scene to negotiation of compensation, and even litigation in some cases, their skills are pivotal at every step. Legal professionals help their clients through all of the complexities in the case, ensuring their client gets the compensation they deserve for medical bills, lost income, and property damages. 

Selecting a qualified lawyer is key for a proper case. Meeting with a few lawyers before choosing one can be the best idea to make sure you find one perfect for your case. Just make sure to move fast throughout the process to ensure your legal rights are not impacted.

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